Climate change and health: developing evidence for action

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Stockholm University are proud to present the Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture given by Professor Sir Andy Haines on 15 September 2021. The lecture will focus on a crucial topic: the direct and indirect ways in which climate change impacts human health and solutions that can yield multiple co-benefits for people and the environment.

Sir Andy Haines is Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His most recent book “Planetary Health: Safeguarding Human Health and the Environment in the Anthropocene”, was published in July 2021 by Cambridge University Press.

About the topic of this year’s lecture, Professor Haines said, «I will be focusing on the issue of climate change, how it’s going to impact human health and the kind of actions we need to take to reduce the impact.»

A press briefing with Sir Andy Haines, Dr Maria Neira and Johan C.I. Kuylenstierna will be held after the lecture.

Sir Andy Haines

Credit Marco Okhuizen  Medisch Contact
Credit: Marco Okhuizen, Medisch Contact. 

In the abstract for this year’s lecture, Professor Haines wrote, “Climate change will have far-reaching and potentially catastrophic effects on health, with the largest burden falling on the poor, who have contributed the least to emissions. The effects of climate change on health may be direct – for example, from extreme heat. Effects can also be mediated through ecosystems, such as changes in the incidence and distribution of vector–borne diseases, including dengue and malaria, or through socio-economic pathways such as impoverishment and population displacement.”

Watch video with Professor Haines produced by Venni Arra, SEI