Who are the top 4 stakeholders in Spain? We know!

► Why solar in Spain?
The Spanish solar market has matured to the point where there is clarity on the processes of approving and developing PV projects – both from the technical and regulatory side. This clarity provides investors with the surety that these assets are success stories with lowered risks. This is a highly competitive market with qualified professionals committed to delivering high quality, high output projects.

► Why Solar Market Parity Spain?
The Solar Market Parity Spain conference is not only about meeting other industry professionals; it is about meeting the right industry professionals. This conference brings together the relevant people necessary to drive forward solar energy in Spain. We also offer tailored B2B networking meetings and opportunities with executives from all relevant stakeholders groups.

We offer more than just a conference but an experience that leads you to the right market insights and insiders so you stay on top of it for your business! Stay tuned as we have more in store for you.