Will 2021 be the year the solar goes mainstream? The global PV industry will soon gather to hold live discussions at the annual forum on PV market trends organized by GoodWe in collaboration with the world’s leading solar PV players. The event includes a keynote address by IHS Markit, Wood Mackenzie and BloombergNEF, as well as PV Magazine and other major media outlets focused on the PV sector. Distinguished PV professionals from the most prominent PV companies, such as LONGi, JASOLAR, Canadian Solar, Arctech Solar and ARRAY, will also address the audience.

The event will be focused on the post-pandemic era and the opportunities afforded by the green recovery stimulus provided by governments worldwide, as well as new technologies and industry trends. It will take on a regional format and will be launched on 8 March with GOODWEEK GLOBAL, followed by GOODWEEK CHINA, EMEA, APAC and will end with two events in Latin America on March 12.

GOODWEEK is expected to draw crowds from all six continents and will include presentations by global industry experts and thought leaders.



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