5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement : The climate mobilisation of non-state actors is more essential than ever

Five years ago, when all the States of the world committed to the Paris Agreement, there was a renewed hope to stabilise the climate.

This hope was rapidly impacted by the election of Donald Trump in the United States, declared opponent to this agreement, or by the pursuit of the increase in emissions in the major emerging countries, or even in France, within two years of the Paris Agreement.

Yet, five years later, the situation is perhaps reversing, disproving the “climate fatalists”. The United States of America are back, Europe, China, Japan are launching new commitments in linewith a 2-degree pathway, nevertheless, we must not lose sight of the 1.5 degree challenge.

Above all, local authorities, businesses and NGOs are actively presenting tangible results, making their commitments more credible than ever.

The annual Climate Chance Synthesis Report analyses these and puts them into perspective : the prospect of clean renewable energy in sustainable mobility, disastrous results in terms of deforestation … This «state» of the world’s climate is precious to nourish our thoughts and our future actions.
I invite you to discover the Report.Since its creation in 2015, Climate Chance mobilises non-state climate actors and strengthens their climate action by uniting them and exchanging best practices to help achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

It is also the only international association to monitor, for the last 3 years, their climate actions at the global level with the Climate Chance Observatory’s Reports.

This monitoring plays an essential role, allowing a better articulation with the strategies and objectives of the States.