Are you looking to become a Hydrogen Hero?

Sign up to attend our Zero to Hydrogen Hero programme, consisting of 6 interactive online hydrogen training courses that will give you a full grasp of the technology and commercial opportunities that are arising in the hydrogen energy transition.

Our fully flexible, live, interactive digital classroom will be accessible across the globe!

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What is our Zero to Hero programme?

Three international hydrogen experts will deliver six interactive courses giving you different insights and perspectives on the hydrogen market. You will gain a complete understanding of the technology and engineering challenges, as well as the commercial opportunities that will be enabled by the hydrogen energy transition.

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Unlike a webinar, these workshops are «virtual classrooms» where participants are encouraged to interact with the workshop leader and other attendees. Benefits of signing up for our Zero to Hero programme include:

  • Time zone friendly: We are delivering the workshops at various times, so we’ve covered the globe
  • It’s interactive: Q&A with your course leaders and a chance to network with other attendees
  • It’s complete: The different workshops cover both technology and real world applications
  • Perspectives: Learn from three international hydrogen experts
  • Slides and recordings: Listen to the recordings to learn at your own pace and refer back to each session
  • No travel: All workshops are delivered online
  • Certificate: All attendees will receive a Hydrogen Hero Certificate once they’ve completed the programme