ATA Insights, in collaboration with ESMAP (of the World Bank Group) brings to you this online session on Beyond Baseload: Transitioning from a baseload system to flexible grids [ 23 July at 14:00 CEST/ 08:00 EDT]

Solar and wind technologies are currently the cheapest way to produce energy in most places around the World. As more Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) enters the grid, power systems need to become more flexible to be able to balance energy supply and demand. As the energy system transforms and renewable generation increases, the ‘baseload’ power which operates continuously becomes more expensive and inefficient. In this webinar we look into how to design firm, reliable and flexible grids at the system level.

Join this 1h session with Claire Marion Nicolas, Energy Specialist; Chong Suk Song, Energy Specialist and Silvia Martínez, Senior Energy Specialist of the World Bank. Don’t Miss Out! Register at

In this session you will:

  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of a baseload vs a flexible system and how green grids need to be adaptable to the local resource
  • Understand how cheap renewable energy like solar and wind are forcing changes into grid systems across the World
  • Consider how both energy supply and demand are shifting through new technologies and how it is likely to exacerbate in the future with more self-generation, EVs etc

Remember, places are limited so make sure to reserve your spot here today.