Inverter Compatibility

There are two places to look for Tigo/inverter compatibility information:

Inverter Compliance Letters

These are letters of understanding between Tigo and inverter vendors.  They must be interpreted individually.  If you have questions, please let us know.

UL Testing Results Website

You will need to create a free account before you can access this site.

This is the ultimate source for the latest tested and compatible products for rapid shutdown and general compatibility. This document is in sections. The Tigo models tested appear at the top of each section, followed by the inverters that have been tested and certified with those Tigo products. There is ongoing testing between Tigo, UL and inverter vendors and the latest results are posted here. As of 2020, new results are being posted every 6-8 weeks.

PV Module (solar panel) Compatibility

For solar modules, you should check the de-rated max power, voltage and current against those same values for the TS4 unit you want to use.  You can find these values on the TS4 data sheets:

Tigo Data Sheets – UL (USA)

Tigo Data Sheets – Global (TÜV)

All of these values should be de-rated, especially voltage. You should use the temperature corrected max voltage of the module.  For current, as long as the Isc at STC is 12A or less, it is OK with all of the TS4s rated for 12A or more.  Or, you can calculate the max current by using the 1.25 de-rate for irradiance.  If that value is less than the rated max current for the TS4, it is compatible in current.

With bifacial modules, you should use the MAX bifacial boost figures.  These should also be de-rated as described above.


If you are in doubt, send a data sheet for the inverter or module to and we can check it for you.