A genuinely new innovation just launched on Indegogo. SolarBoss brings Smart-Home technology to off-grid solar users. 

The biggest problem faced by off-grid homeowners is using all that free energy. The sun shines when it wants to and batteries can only hold a small fraction of the power that comes in. Reliable studies show that most users struggle to use more than 20% of the power they receive.

SolarBoss is a switching control centre that turns electrical loads on and off depending upon the energy available. Every home has lots of loads they can or could use more efficiently. Swimming pools, air conditioning, well pumps and water heating are heavy loads that are not time-critical. Solarboss switches those loads when there is sufficient power while ensuring that immediate demands are met and the batteries are well managed.

No wiring or complex installation. SolarBoss clips onto the solar battery and inverter and everything else is over WiFi. SolarBoss talks to smart sockets, plug-in adapters or wired in units that control the loads and report back on power use. Control is through a standard web browser on phone, tablet or computer.

Pricing is very keen at about the cost of one solarpanel.

Indegogo Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solarboss-up-to-5x-more-from-your-off-grid-solar/x/15315143#/

Website: https://www.solar-daddy.com/