With the pandemic, islands are living a very difficult economic emergency. Greening the Islands that since 2014 works for the sustainable development of islands has developed a 2020 global digital plan to support health, environment and economy of islands and prepare a restart in a more efficient, resilient and sustainable way.

The initiative, that involves surveys, webinars and an eConvention, aims to help Island Authorities, Local Industries and Associations to elaborate sustainable Recovery Plans and already sees the partnership of INSULER (the EU Association of Chambers of Commerce) and the support of CPMR Islands Commission that group the EU Islands Governments and Global Island Partnership.

The initiative has started on May 4th, with the dissemination of a survey addressed to the islands’ companies to understand and collect relevant information on what are they living, in terms of reduction of the business, consequences on people, etc. as well as needs and suggestions to reduce the impact. The results will be elaborated, discussed in two webinars,  “EU Islands’ economy & COVID-19 – Actual situation & requests from islands – EU plans for the recovery after crisis” scheduled on May 26th, and “Island Tourism & the pandemic from a global perspective – Helping Islands to elaborate Tourism Recovery Plans” scheduled on June 5th and disseminated through the different GTI communication channels to join the voice of the islands’ economy, brought to the attention of the related institutions at national and international level.

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