The Generg Group has been building and operating renewable power plants (including wind, solar and hydroelectric) in Portugal for over three decades, and they are now expanding into other countries across Europe.  CGI is partnering with Generg to support their operations and deliver increased production across their multi-technology portfolio, while keeping costs down.

This presentation focuses on three strands of performance analysis of renewable assets provided by CGI’s Renewables Management System: Downtime Allocation, Power Curve Analysis, and the Real-time detection of deviations from expected power.

  • Downtime Allocation looks at the correction of event allocation in the control centre to determine monthly asset availabilities, in order to examine the contractual responsibilities of manufacturers who are on a ‘guaranteed availability’ contract.
  • Power Curve Analysis examines wind turbine efficiency and reveals any deviations from the expected asset performance.  Reports demonstrating these deviations are used by Generg to support discussions with manufacturers who are on a ‘guaranteed efficiency’ contract.
  • Real-time, automatic detection of deviations from OEM expected power output, giving Generg the opportunity to take immediate action to minimise production losses.