Climate Chance participates in COP25 in Madrid and will present its main publication of the year : the 2019 Synthesis Report on Non-State Climate Action. The English version will be released on December 11.

December 11, 2:30 pm : Press conference – Hall 4, room MOCHA
«2019 Synthesis Report on Non-State Climate Action : what trends in 2019 in emissions sectors, local action, adaptation and finance?»
Speakers : Ronan Dantec, Chair of Climate Chance, Bettina Laville, Chair of Comité 21, Dominique Pialot, Executive Director of Climate Chance, and Amaury Parelle, Project Officer – Observatory Climate Chance

December 12, from 10:00 to 11:30 am, French Pavillion : Presentation of the Adaptation Book of the Synthesis Report 2019, a partnership between The Climate Chance Observatory and Comité 21 :
« The implementation of adaptation strategies by local actors: what is the current situation? »
Speakers: Climate Chance, Comité 21, Adaptation Fund, CONAMA, Veolia, Eqosphere.

In one document – the 2019 Report – you will find
  • a synthesis of over 1,000 sources (scientific and grey literature, news articles, actors communication etc.)
  • a panorama of the diversity of the implemented Climate Actions led by all kinds of non-State actors
  • a unique source of case studies and examples analyzing actors’ issues and strategies, at national level, and cities and regions level
The report, made up of 4 Books (Greenhouse gas emission sectors – Local Action – Adaptation – Finance) offers a both quantitative and qualitative reading of
  • actions led within the 6 main greenhouse gas emission sectors : energy production, waste, building, transport, industry and land use
  • Local Climate Actions around the world
  • Adaptation actions led by local governments, economic sectors and funders
  • Climate Action led by the financial sector (public and private banks, investors and green financial products trends)