The threat of the climate crisis has led to the rise of young voices coming to the renewables industry with a different perspective. There are many young voices other than Greta Thunberg working on decarbonization, renewable energies and climate change mitigation and it’s time to pay attention to them. If you want to hear the voices of those beyond the ones holding the mic at the COP25 and discover what they’re doing to phase out coal whilst keeping the jobs, stay with us!

Interested in this topic? having some ideas to fuel the discussion? Join us for our interactive webinar! We’ll analyze how policymakers, financial institutions and private companies can phase out coal as well as ensuring it is a just and fair transition to clean energy. :
– What?  Webinar: Young voices on a hot topic: phasing out coal to cut CO2 emissions, and keep the jobs
– When? Thursday, 12th of December at 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST (we’ll send the materials after)
– Where? Online – Places are free but limited. Sign up here:

In this webinar you will have the chance to listen to and chat with the leaders of tomorrow about how they foresee the socio-political changes to come. The dicussion will be organised around the main barriers of coal phase-out:

  • Political barriers  – The need for inclusive narratives including youth anger, fear of social backlash, difficulty of job re-skilling and historical inertia, technological disruption etc
  • Financial barriers – making the business case for transitions and how to direct resources where they are most needed
  • Technological barriers – understand what are the challenges at the grid level for energy storage and management of renewables compared with fossil fuels
  • Institutional barriers – state policy that may block or slow down transitions
  • Historical and cultural barriers and inertia of systems and structures – how to phase out the inertia that is hardest to see, and why it varies from country to country

Remember, places are limited so make sure to reserve your spot here today. Also, we’ll send you the recording and presentations a few days after 😉