The RE-Source conference in Amsterdam showed a growing interest from corporate buyers to source renewable electricity. John Ravlo from ECOHZ says that «the extra value of renewable energy sourcing has an impact on capital cost, employment attractiveness and brand values. Even in liberalised markets with fierce competition in the B2B segment, some corporates find it difficult to get good solutions from traditional utilities. Therefore, corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) – contracts made directly between producers and consumers – have a growing focus. Such contracts can be designed to fit both the needs of the seller and the buyer and done the right way the contracts could be an ideal solution for producers and consumers that want to hedge long term energy related risks. If traditional utilities want to keep their market position, they should follow recent market trends and develop cost effective products that fulfil corporate needs. Losing volumes and income to corporate PPAs show lack of innovation and low marketing focus.»

John Ravlo about PPAs