The second edition of ESES, which will be coming to Paris of France, one of the most existing renewable energy markets in the continent, dated on June 23-24 next year.

Solar + Energy Storage Congress (ESES) is a leading information exchange and deal-making platform that celebrates Europe’s immense solar storage potential, as well as the continent’s low-carbon energy system as a whole. The second edition of ESES will help you navigate through the overarching trends in terms of solar auction, the rising C&I and Prosumer sector, an opening-up storage market toward balancing, secondary reserve, as well as the potential of PV + storage and digital revolution. A totaling 500+ senior-level attendees covering governmental offices, utilities, network operators, developers, investors, financiers, solar & BESS solution providers, as well as digital disrupters are expected to join.


Regional Dynamics: 

Project Type Expected New Installation

(by 2030)

Solar 150GW From Centralized to C&I and Self-consumption
Wind 130GW From Onshore to Offshore & Offshore Floating
Energy Storage 20GW Opening up to Balancing, Secondary Reserve market, Congestion Management & Island PV + Storage
Digitalization / A Must for Utility, TSO, DSO and Asset Owner


Topic Highlights:

– Unlock 20GW/year Growth Solar Potential with Hotspot Markets Tapped

– Affirm Business Cases of Storage in Balancing, Secondary Reserve and Congestion Management

– Capture the Opportunities by Solar Storage Hybrid Sites

– Understand Synergies between Energy Company and A Decentralized Power System

– Lenders’ Willingness to Finance Projects with Evolving Off-taker Structure – Corporate PPA


Agenda Arrangements:

Conference Day One (June 23) Conference Day Two (June 24)
Morning Session:

·Political Realization of EU 2030 RED Binding-Goals


·Evolving Role of Energy Company


·Social Responsibility of Corporate Buyer & the Rising Trend of Self-consumption

Morning Session:

·Perspectives on Financing Solar + Storage – Current Cost of Capital & Best Debt Structures


·Corporate PPA: How is the Market for Merchant Solar Opening Up – Transaction Records


· Technical Box: Storage Application in C&I and Hybrid Sites

1-1 Meetings
Afternoon Session:

·Era of Grid Parity – Where are Free-of-support Renewable Schemes (Spain, Italy, Portugal)


·Decarbonization of Panel Manufacture – What will It Impact on?


·Spectrum of RE + Storage Benefits, Problems, and Technologies

1-1 Meetings Afternoon Session:

·Island PV+ Storage – Cases and Business Strategies


·Bankability of Energy Storage assets and Risk Mitigation

Cocktail Party:

Energy & Sustainability Night