Power prices seen at auctions are so low that it is a question when they will influence electricity markets around the world. Here are some examples from PV-magazine: In June LAWPD in L.A. entered into a 25-year contract at a price of 19.97 USD/MWh. June gave a record low price in Brazil at 17.50 USD/MWh. In July the lowest bid in a Portuguese auction was at 14.8 Euro/MWh (16.43 USD/MWh). 2020 market prices in Europe are now in the range 37-46 EUR/MWh. If new solar plants deliver at prices well below current market prices and continue to fall, when will this influence market prices? Brazilian sunshine cannot be moved to Europe, but European consumers, for example aluminium smelters, can move to Brazil. Solar power will therefore influence both supply and demand side around the world and can give major changes in all electricity markets.