Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Italian Exhibition Group, met Yi Bin, Secretary General of CAEPIChina Association of Environmental Protection Industry. The topic was an even closer collaboration between the Italian trade fair player and one of the principal players on the Chinese environmental front.

IEG President Lorenzo Cagnoni stated, “The collaboration we are signing today is part of a project for sharing, under the trade fair profile, environment issues and initiatives for the protection and safeguarding of the most important thing we have – the environment in which to prosper and ensure coming generations a future.” He continued: “Today the relationship with China becomes even more solid, thanks to a closer bond with the CAEPI, which has organized the historic CIEPEC (ChinaInternational Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference) in Beijing since 1986.”

Mr. Yi Bin, Secretary General CAEPI, added: “It is a great honour to have signed this Sino-Italian trade fair collaboration in the environment sector. During my visit to Ecomondo, I have seen several Italian technologies, including the recycling of resources and technology for wastewater treatment, which have potential for the Chinese market. In recent years, the Chinese government has dedicated commitment to the protection of the environment, and the demand for high quality advanced technologies and products has increased.”

CAEPI is the most important association in China in the environment protection sector and operates under the supervision of the Chinese Ministry for ecology and the environment. Since 1986, every year in Beijing, CAEPI has organized a leading exhibition in the environment sector (CIEPEC – China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference), which also has the patronage of the Chinese Ministry for ecology and the environment.

This collaboration strengthens the bond of IEG with the environment sector in China: in fact, as well as the four expos organized at Rimini Expo Centre – Ecomondo, Key Energy, DPE and Sal.Ve – Italian Exhibition Group also organizes CDEPE (Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo) in Chengdu, through its business organization Europe China Environmental Exhibitions (ECEE), in collaboration with the regional branch of the CAEPI.

At Ecomondo, there is also a delegation from China made up of approximately 20 managers from large state enterprises that manage water supply systems and infrastructures in some of the major cities of the economic area of the Yangtze Riverdelta. The topic of sustainable water management and exploitation, at urban and industrial level, has a high profile at Ecomondo, thanks to the Global Water Expo section, organized in partnership with Utilitalia. The visit to Ecomondo 2019 is part of an educational tour that will also include a training program at Florence University. The visit is organized by the Sino-Italian Centre for Environmental Sustainability (SICES) and Tongji University – one of China’s major universities, based in Shanghai.