Is smart metering a new era for you?

Digitalization, PLC communication, cybersecurity and Big Data management – are new fields for electric utilities.

Arkossa is working with DSOs who are aiming to overcome recent challenges in the energy sector. We have helped numerous utilities worldwide to exploit the full potential of smart metering.

Our team consists of highly-qualified smart metering experts with a large and broad field experience and in-depth understanding of the practicalities of optimizing and operating AMI networks.

Are you worried about constantly changing regulatory frameworks ?

We are witnessing changes in regulations that impact the traditional energy sector.

Arkossa helps utilities to adapt in the changing environment by meeting the required standards. We ensure that AMI systems meet the required SLAs, consequently guaranteeing that all the project processes and smart meter data generation complies with the regulatory standards.

Is it possible to reduce OPEX and increase the value of your assets?

Operations and optimization services are the key.

We have it all – knowledgeable and experienced technicians, effective tools, facilities and services to support utilities to adapt to the changing energy sector.

Our end-to-end services require very low initial investments and offer efficient network optimization in order to decrease the OPEX.

Is your business model well defined for smart metering?

The traditional energy business model is changing. Utilities need to implement structural changes in order to handle, analyze and manage Big Data to optimize the grid.

Arkossa’s tailored services (planning, deploying, optimizing and operating) enable utilities enjoy the benefits of smart metering with no hassle.

Stop by our stand F90 at the European Utility Week 2019 and discover how to get your utility to the next level.