In two weeks’ time, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will host Australia’s biggest clean and renewable energy exhibition, All-Energy Australia. Manufacturers from across the global solar industry will gather at the show and exhibit their new and innovative solutions.

Growatt, the leading Chinese solar inverter manufacturer will hold a product launch event for its most up-to-date battery ready residential inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-XH. “More Australians are interested in going solar and a lot of people are hesitated about installing a solar storage system because of the expensive batteries,” said Rex Wang, Growatt product manager.

“That’s why later this month we will launch a new future-proof residential inverter at All-Energy Australia. The inverter works with low voltage battery and has a battery interface which can be easily extended later to a storage system. With this solution customers will save a lot of money to turn their rooftop solar plant into a PV storage system in the future.”

To provide better HMI experience, the inverter is designed with OLED display and touch button. OLED display is the premium material and consumes less power. Its touch button is more durable and can last over three million clicks. In addition, the inverter has advanced internal design with invisible cable routing. Its patented inductance technology optimized heat dissipation for the inverter. Therefore, the inverter can work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, high and low temperature etc.