Solar storage in Australia has great potential as the country’s transiting to clean energy. People have been talking about solar battery storage. While more and more Australians have gone solar, many are still watching the development of PV storage as adding batteries is still expensive at the moment.

Growatt, the leading Chinese solar inverter manufacturer is quick to respond to market demands. Growatt is expected to launch its most up-to-date battery ready residential inverter MIN 2500-6000 TL-XH in Australia by the end of this year.

“This PV solution is future proof!” said Growatt product manager Rex Wang. “The inverter works with low voltage battery and has a battery interface which can be easily extended to a storage system in the future without extra device or retrofit cost. It is perfect for home owners who are looking to convert their rooftop PV systems into solar storage systems in the future.”

TL-XH is very neat and appealing. It comes with elegant design of OLED display and touch button, which appeals to many clients. The OLED display is lower power consumption, and touch button is much more durable and can last over three million clicks. That will provide better experience for users. The new inverter can reach a maximum efficiency of 98.4% and it has good oversizing capability with DC/AC ratio at 1.33.