Q CELLS expands its portfolio for
business customers in Germany, now offering direct marketing of solar
power from PV plants of 100 kWp and up. This new offer complements Q
CELLS’ existing portfolio of high performance solar modules based on its
proprietary Q.ANTUM technology and its self-developed Q.FLAT-G5
installation system for flat roofs. Now, companies looking to use solar
power to increase their sustainability and gain a competitive edge can
turn to Q CELLS as their one-stop shop for a complete solar power

Small and medium-sized businesses in Germany have long since recognized
the potential of solar power. In 2018, solar systems in the 100 to 750
kWp range claimed a 47%* market share – the biggest segment in the
German solar market. With over 560 MWp, most of the sales went to PV
systems between 600 and 750 kWp. Companies are powerful drivers behind
the growth of solar energy in Germany and thus behind the energy
turnaround in the country. Considering the extremely low electricity
production costs of solar power, however, this market segment still
holds a great deal of untapped potential. The goal is therefore to make
solar power more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses and
eliminate current obstacles. One such obstacle clearly is the regulation
stating that surplus power generated by PV systems between 100 and 750
kWp must be marketed directly within the EEG (Renewable Energy Act),
i.e. sold to a power company, to a direct client or on the electricity
exchange. Compliance can be costly and complicated. In addition to the
installer, the company operating the solar system has to find an
additional contractor to engage in directly marketing towards the
electricity exchange market. This obstacle affects small- to
medium-sized businesses in particular, keeping many of them out of the
solar power game, despite the competitive advantages offered by
low-cost, sustainable electricity.

«Q CELLS positions itself as the solar partner for Germany’s business
Now, Q CELLS is offering its partners, as well as business customers and
communities in Germany, this direct marketing option and thus, a
turn-key solutions for sustainably cutting down electric costs through
solar power. Q CELLS has long been combining its proven high performance
solar modules, based on its proprietary Q.ANTUM technology, with its
very own Q.FLAT-G5 flat roof system – both developed in Germany. These
individually optimised solar systems allow for significantly reduced
energy costs per kWh (LCOE) attributed  to a high power yield, as well
as long module and mounting system service lives. By adding the option
of directly marketing any power that is generated and not used, Q CELLS
now offers companies all the components and services they need, making
solar power more accessible to the German business community.

«With solar power, companies in Germany can sustainably reduce their
energy costs, making them even more competitive,» notes Sven Stoffers, Q
CELLS Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. «To do this,
they need a partner that can make the switch to solar easier by offering
them a top-quality, turn-key solutions from a single source – everything
from the module to the system and all the services involved. That’s just
what Q CELLS is offering in collaboration with our Q.PARTNERs. We want
to be known as the solar partner for Germany’s business community».

Direct marketing with Q CELLS
For businesses, Q CELLS direct marketing service is perfectly simple.
First, the company uses as much low-cost solar power as possible from
their own PV system. Any surplus power they generate, they sell to Q
CELLS. They also get to take advantage of the associated market premium
paid by the state to commercial operators of PV systems. The necessary
hardware for direct marketing is available from Q CELLS or can be
selected from a different supplier. Q CELLS then sells the power on the
electricity exchange and hands the revenue, minus a service fee, back to
the operator of the PV system. The monthly fees for systems between 100
and 750 kWp are fixed rates in the range of 60 to 110 euros, depending
on the size of the system, thus providing planning reliability to the
customer. All it takes is a contract with Q CELLS, and that can be done
in a snap. Q CELLS’ direct marketing service is available to any
commercial client installing a new PV system, as well as operators of
existing systems.

«The advantages of our direct marketing offer are pretty obvious,»
remarks Florian Schmidt, Business Development Manager Energy Solutions
at Q CELLS. «The customer gets complete transparency with regard to how
much profit their PV system brings in. They no longer have to worry
about finding a separate contractor to handle the direct marketing side
of things. They can use their own hardware or purchase it straight from
Q CELLS, and they’re off and running in no time. But the biggest
advantage to the customer has to be the fact that with
Q CELLS, they get a complete solution from a single source».

* Source: German Solar Industry Association e.V. (BSW)