Your maintenance strategy should underpin whether an asset will be viable for life extension or repowering and in the era of cost efficiency and managing the bottom line, making more informed and more effective decisions to improve assets is more crucial than ever.

Come along to the Asset Life Optimisation Forum in London on 27th June, where top wind industry leaders will be taking part in a panel discussion looking at strategies for maintenance that will see assets outlive their design life in an economic and sustainable way.

The panel will be discussing the following key points:

  • Marrying analysis of performance to maintenance regimes
  • Prioritising maintenance of best performing assets
  • Data lead maintenance decisions
  • What information can be harvested from an older fleet? How clean is the data?
  • How to model and forecast catastrophic failure without historic data
  • Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance

There are now only two weeks to go until the forum, which is your opportunity to learn how to make better decisions to maintain your asset, meet with the industry leaders and build a strategy about how you are going to remain competitive in a subsidy free world. Have you secured your place yet?