NES’ Patagonia Energy Applications Platform and its Grid Analytics solutions improves operation and visibility of low voltage grid performance, from the transformer to the consumer.
Grid Operations includes features to support fault management, configuration management, accounting, performance management and security.
What Grid Operations provides:
  • A single set of integrated screens that reduces staffing and training needs
  • Simplified operational architecture that reduces cost, time and risk
  • Fully featured operations environment that increases flexibility
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How Grid Navigator & Grid Flow can help utilities:
  • Discover the low-voltage grid topology and connectivity
  • Track changes in configuration over time
  • Understand the phase wiring across the low-voltage grid
  • Use patented technology only available through OSGP deployments
  • Remove dependency on paper records and cumbersome schematics
  • Improve field-force usage
  • Identify changes which may have introduced faults
  • Expose topology information into other management tools
  • Understand your customer’s experience and focus the organization on reputational and revenue impacting events
  • Reduce and defer infrastructure investment through better utilization of current infrastructure and reduced need to maintain “head-room”
  • Reduce your technical losses in your network
  • Improve health and safety for field-force
  • Quickly achieve these benefits through integration with your existing OSGP infrastructure
  • Leverage your investment in smart grid technology to achieve new business advantages and extend your return on investment
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Stay Secure with Grid Watch
It allows utilities to identify changes in the threat-level, adapt its posture accordingly, spot a developing attack, identify points of penetration, quickly initiate responses to blunt the attack and start to offer credible deterrents to the cyber-criminal.
What Grid Watch helps you achieve:
  • Reduce vulnerability to customer and corporate data leakage
  • Reduce threat of denial of service attacks
  • Reduce likelihood of asset theft
  • Improve public image
  • Become a hard target and deter attackers
  • Reduce your corporate insurance premiums
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