Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH («Hanwha Q CELLS» or “The Company”), the German subsidiary of one of the largest solar cell and module manufacturers in the world, Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: HQCL), has received a carbon footprint (CFP) certification of 300 kg-eq/CO²/kWc in France for its high-efficiency Q.PEAK and Q.PEAK DUO module series.

The current certifications mean that Hanwha Q CELLS’s high-efficiency Q.PEAK and Q.PEAK DUO modules continue to meet the stringent low-carbon demands of the French government.

Low-carbon tenders present major opportunity for France

With the latest issue of the PPE (Multi-Annual Energy Program), France’s solar power sector has been set ambitious annual growth targets of up to 44.5 GWp by 2028. Currently, solar capacity in France is just under 9 GW.

In achieving another low carbon footprint result for its Q.PEAK and Q.PEAK DUO modules, Hanwha Q CELLS further strengthens its market position in France, said Hanwha Q CELLS’ Head of EU Sales, Maengyoon Kim. “The entire value chain of Hanwha Q CELLS is committed to clean energy and low-carbon values, which is why we are pleased to be once again recognized in France for our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint. As a global leader in solar cell and module technology, we pride ourselves in setting the best example, and continue to appreciate France’s vision and leadership in this regard, too.”

Stephan Maurel and Laurent Bodin, Head of Sales France, added: “Hanwha Q CELLS has long seen the excellent opportunity for France to shift more and more of its energy supply to renewables, solar in particular. By doing so in the most eco-friendly way possible, we believe that France can become a role model for other European nations to follow.”

Hanwha Q CELLS’ Head of EU Sales, Maengyoon Kim added: “We are encouraged that the efforts of the French government to lower its carbon footprint align perfectly with our own as a company.”