Green Power Academy recently interviewed John Massey, their resident Renewable Energy Mini MBA course leader, about his experience and insight into the dynamic industry that is renewable energy and this is what he had to say:

Q1 How did you find yourself working in the renewable energy sector?

I arrived in it via a variety of commercial market analysis roles (not just energy but IT, telecoms and mobile networks too) along with some further academic study in the field of economics. Energy is central to everything we do, so it’s a great sector to be in.

Q2 What is one piece of advice about the market that you would give to professionals looking to enter the sector?

Never view “renewable energy” as one single market – every type of renewable energy has different characteristics, challenges, pros and cons. Every country has different resources and requirements, and you’ll find a market that is multi-faceted, segmented and localised. Challenging, but fun!

Q3 What is your favourite part of the Mini MBA course to teach and why?

Where people work in groups on applying what they’ve learned and discussed to an energy mix exercise. It gives a chance to openoutdiscussions into areas of specific interest to people and to answer questions which may not even have occurred to them until they are forced to think about the choices they need to make.

Q4 What renewable energy technology do you see as being a game changer in the future?

There’s no simple answer to this since every market has access to a different mix of “best” resources. The real game-changers are likely to be from technologies which change the way markets and energy delivery operate: so (in electricity) things like storage and smart grids.

Meet the trainer…John is a respected energy business analyst & trainer with over 25 years’ commercial experience in industry research, analysis, intelligence and training; plus an
outstanding academic background in both natural sciences and economics