Charging solution providers Allego and Fortum Charge & Drive intend to join forces to create an integrated and seamless charging experience for EV drivers throughout Europe. A Letter of Intent was signed during the Connecting Europe Conference in Tallinn (Estonia), hosted by the European Commission. 


By connecting their networks, cross border interoperable services can be offered: at home and on-the-go. Both leading companies offer solutions based on open standards. In this way all EV drivers can be served, regardless the vehicle they drive or mobility service contract they have.


Home Charging and Ultra-Fast Charging

Allego and Fortum Charge & Drive intend to create a pan-European open and interoperable charging network. The purpose is that European metropolitan areas and companies with multi country presence can in the future offer aligned charging services to their inhabitants, customers, guests and employees. Both companies have an intention to create a pan-European charging network with partners that consists of Multi Charging Hubs in metropolitan areas and highways. Various forms of electric mobility will be serviced at the same location.


Anja van Niersen, CEO Allego: “The current EV charging landscape in Europe is fragmented. Cross border mobility and long distance is difficult for the EV driver. As many car manufacturers bring significant new full electric vehicles to the market, the need for home charging, smart public charging and ultra-fast charging on-the-go increases. By joining forces with Fortum Charge & Drive we are able to offer aligned services throughout Europe. Together we can be the largest provider of open and interoperable charging solutions.”


Rami Syvari, VP Fortum Charge & Drive: “Fortum and Allego are both strong players in their own regions. Together we cover the Nordics and Western Europe. We have a similar mind set when it comes to providing high quality experiences for EV drivers with our network and services. Our partnership will accelerate the development of an open and interoperable charging network on a European level. Such a network is a mandatory requirement for convincing consumers to choose clean electric mobility and bringing the next generation full electric cars on the road.”