The process of accessing commercial solar finance has long been cumbersome. Finding the right financing partner can be a challenge for solar contractors. Additionally, financing institutions need access to trustworthy project data to accurately vet a project, yet the process of gathering that information can be time consuming and inefficient for the contractor.

A new industry partnership promises to streamline the commercial solar financing process and allow contractors to more easily connect with financing options for their customers. Aurora Solar and Sustainable Capital Finance have partnered to allow solar contractors to apply for solar PPAs from within their solar sales and design software for the first time ever. Learn about what this partnership means for solar contractors and the industry more broadly.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How this partnership enables solar contractors to see live financing rates and easily submit relevant project data to directly apply for a solar PPA without leaving their solar design platform
  • How Aurora’s precise simulations of energy production support Sustainable Capital Finance’s ability to finance with confidence
  • How this partnership will streamline the financing application process and make commercial financing more broadly accessible