36kW String Inverter
Introducing: The Fronius Smart Solution
The Next Generation of Solar Systems
The Fronius Smart Solution satisfies all your needs for residential and commercial systems.

•Flexible system design
•Shade mitigation
•NEC compliance
•Best performance
•State-of-the art monitoring

All this is achieved with the lowest number of components and the easiest installation on the market!

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In cell-string optimized modules, the traditional bypass diode is replaced with an intelligent chip by US-based semi-conductor manufacturer Maxim Integrated.The chip is embedded into the module and acts as an optimizer and MPP tracker, resulting in three independent trackers per module. These modules are installed like a standard module and without the hassle of traditional Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE).
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The easy to install Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box provides the ultimate NEC 2014code (690.12) compliant solution while enhancing rooftop and firefighter safety.Directly connected to the inverter through the same conduit as the DC homeruns, the Fronius solution minimizes the number of components needed providing ease of installation.

No additional power supply is needed, reducing overall system cost and streamlining installation.

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The Fronius SnapINverter line from 1.5 to 24.0 kW is known for its flexible system design, easy and light-weight installation within 15 minutes per inverter, integrated Wi-Fi, Modbus and DC-disconnect, NEMA 4X protection, and the unique hinged mounting system.The inverter line consists of both single and three-phase models, including 208V version up to 15 kW, making the SnapINverters the right choice for any system.
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If you are facing feed-in limitations for a solar system or if customers would you like to monitor their energy consumption, Fronius offers the Fronius Smart Meter, a bidirectional energy meter.Thanks to high accuracy and fast communication via Modbus RTU, the meter is suitable for various applications, such as dynamic feed-in management.

Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter offers a detailed overview of energy consumption within a home or business.

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