The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) published guidelines for series approval of solar PV modules (crystalline, thin film, bifacial). The tests are to be conducted by test labs for compulsory registration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for the implementation of the PV systems, devices and component goods. The guidelines are also issued to facilitate labs and manufacturers for approval of the product family. »All models which are included in the family have common design, construction, parts, or assemblies important to ensure conformity with applicable requirements.«
According to the guidelines for quantitative selection of samples, a total of eight modules shall be taken at random from a production batch. The modules should have been manufactured from the specified materials and components in accordance with the relevant drawings and process sheets and have been subjected to the manufacturer’s normal quality control and production acceptance procedures. The modules shall be complete in every detail and shall be accompanied by the manufacturer’s handling, mounting and connection instructions, including the maximum permissible system voltage. Furthermore, the modules should contain name, monogram or symbol of manufacturer, model number, unique serial number, nominal wattage, year and country of origin, and brand name if applicable. The ministry has instructed test labs to not accept modules for testing without these details. The guidelines also mandate that different brands should register separately.